Energy and Intuitive Healing – Single Sessions

Energy Healing  works with the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate our body’s innate healing ability.A more passive approach for the client, energy healing can clear blockages from both new and longstanding issues that are affecting our physical, spiritual and energetic bodies.

Guided Meditation allows for healing through deep, meditative rest to the physical body and nervous system. In the presence of stillness, we are able to heal. Available as individual sessions, group classes, or as a download  for you to listen to on your own.

The Develop Your Intuition Master Class is a fun and easy way to learn to access your Higher Self and make decisions quickly and without angst, worry or concern.

During check-out, you will provide your contact information for me to schedule your first session. If you would like to speak before paying for a session, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Remote Energy Healing Session ~ 60 Minutes                                            $100 

Using a variety of intuitively guided techniques to bring healing to physical, emotional and/or spiritual issues.

Examples may include: Reducing acute stress or anxiety, Boosting your immune system, Helping induce sleep for you or your children, or just promoting general wellness and energy clearing.

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Remote Guided Meditation with Energy Healing ~ 60 Minutes              $75

Allow yourself to be brought into a deep state of relaxation that promotes healing. Guided meditations can be personalized to your specific issues. Includes a mini-healing session during the relaxation portion of the meditation. All you have to do is set your intentions and lie back and listen! Great for times when you are experiencing acute or prolonged stress!

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Develop your Intuition Master Class                                                                 $50

Do you have the desire to access your higher self, quickly and easily, to make decisions that are for your best and highest good? In this one hour, one-on-one class (via Skype), I will teach you to be able to access your higher self to do just that! This is experiential learning at its’ best, and you’ll have unlimited email access to me for 1 week following the class to ask any follow questions, as you practice on your own.

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Alyssa Semple is not a medical doctor, and does not claim to prevent, treat, or cure disease.  It is always recommended that clients continue working with their physicians for routine medical care and the treatment of illness. Alyssa’s services  are intended to complement your health care, and to promote better health through  lifestyle changes.

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