Alyssa 3.jpgNine years ago, I became very ill. Western medicine was not very helpful, and by the time I finally received a diagnosis…I had several. Hypothyroidism, CFS, Lyme Disease, and some low levels of hormones and vitamins. While I found a holistic physician to treat me with appropriate medication, I needed more. I turned to Ayurveda, Energy Healing, meditation and acupuncture to help my healing, with great success. I have spent years learning a number of these skills, so that I can help others. Through my work, I seek to help my clients achieve a greatly improved sense well-being, health and empowerment. I also volunteer my energy healing services with a local hospice organization to bring healing and peace to support the end of life.

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Energy Healer and Meditation Instructor, I support people in achieving an optimal level of vibrancy and health.

Energy Healing  works with the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate our body’s innate healing ability.A more passive approach for the client, energy healing can clear blockages from both new and longstanding issues that are affecting our physical, spiritual and energetic bodies.

Ayurveda offers specifics for each individual’s current state in terms of nutrition, lifestyle adjustments and other supportive measures. I aim to correct the underlying imbalances that are the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing, and I specialize in areas of fatigue, anxiety and stress reduction. Ayurveda is a great tool for those who need guidance and want to take the knowledge to implement themselves.


Ayurvedic Practioner, New World Ayurveda

Reiki, Levels 1 & 2

REAP (Remote Energetic Alignment Process), Levels 1 & 2

Heart Based Mediation Instructor

KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instructor