Increasing Energy With Food Choices

Want more energy? There are three primary ways to increase it:

Sleep, Meditation and Food. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at food choices…

Increasing energy through proper diet happens by making smart, efficient choices. We want to be eating only those foods that are lively with the grounding energy inherent in the earth. This means a diet that is high in prana, or life force energy. (Hence the name of my business…Prana Ayurveda. Prana is your life force energy!)

In general fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh milk and nuts have the highest life force energy available. if you eat meant, fresh, grass-fed meats are the best choice. If it is high in prana, it is lively with earth’s energy.

So, when choosing your food, as yourself these simple questions:

~ Is it fresh?

~ Is it organic? (Pesticides are yucky additives.)

~ Has it been frozen or dried?

~ Has it been processed? (aka “if it has a label with something you cannot pronounce…”)

~ Has it been sitting on a shelf for months or even years at a time?

This concept of eating foods with high ‘pranic’ content is a new idea for many – especially in a crazy, fast-paced world that often becomes about convenience – but grains, legumes, and items that have been frozen, dried or aged have very little life force left in them. Processed foods were never even alive. They were created!

Check in with your body, digestion and energy levels. Be your own judge.

How does your body feel after you eat certain foods? Does it feel light and energetic, or sluggish and tired? Foods that are lacking in life force energy cause dullness in the physiology, the mind, and in the emotions.

Ask yourself…How radiant is your skin? How radiant is your body?

Even that organic pasta or rice…how long has it been sitting on the shelf? How long has it been stored in mills, packaged, and traveled since it has been harvested? The reality is, it may have been many years before that product makes it way into your pantry.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t eat grains and legumes, or that you should begin eating meat if you are a vegetarian. The key is to listen to your body, and if your body isn’t completely happy, begin making some changes.

Incorporate some organic, steamed vegetables at meal time, rather than canned or frozen. Use a little ghee as a nutritious oil in which to warm up spices before adding to a those veggies for a flavorful twist. Take a snack of organic cashews or almonds with dates in the afternoon for a burst of energy rather than a snack from the vending machine, and enjoy some warm milk (preferably raw milk, but definitely organic) , seasoned with cardamom and nutmeg at night to help with digestion and improve sleep.

Oh, Sleep? Attaining a good night’s sleep is the next energy – enhancing post. Stay tuned…

Want additional assistance is increasing your energy? I’ve got a program for that!

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