Affirmations vs. Afformations

I was listening to someone speak last month, about ‘affirmations’ vs. ‘afformations’. Now, trying to be the touchy-feely, new-agey, give-me-some-healing-NOW type…I have tried affirmations. I have written my own. I have looked up proper wording on the Internet. I have had others write them for me. I have repeated them out loud and I have meditated on them.

Sometimes affirmations work, sometimes they don’t. I finally heard an explanation for why this is the case that made sense. I mean, it REALLY made sense.

Take this example of an affirmation – and say it to yourself: “Money flows into my life from expected and unexpected sources.” When you state the affirmation, do you really believe it? I mean, really, truly believe it? Or (more likely) are you saying to yourself, “Yeah, right!” It feels like we are telling ourselves a lie. For me, that doesn’t sit well. (Besides, who is going to believe a lie when you already know it’s a lie?) In a broader sense, sometimes it is just hard to get ourselves into a positive mindset, one of gratitude, and hold that place indefinitely…and that’s really what you need for an affirmation to work.

So what’s behind all of this?

If you state an affirmation and there is a bit of doubt in the back of your mind…even just a little…your subconscious brain starts reacting to your statement. Remember that “Yeah, right!” Subconsciously, you are reacting by following it up with all of the reasons that it isn’t true. ”Money isn’t FLOWING to you. What are you talking about? You haven’t had a raise in the past year. In fact, money is flowing OUT…you just bought that super cute new skirt last week, and it wasn’t even on sale. And the hot water heater went the month before that. And…” Just like that, your subconscious starts tallying up all of the reasons why money ISN’T flowing to you from expected and unexpected sources, all because there was that bit of doubt in the back of your head, causing you to question the statement.

So what’s the solution?

Try afformations. Just take that affirmation, and turn it into a question: “Why is money flowing so easily to me, from expected and unexpected resources?” THEN what happens, is your brain doesn’t doubt it. It doesn’t question it. Nope. Instead, it starts answering the question. It starts tallying up all the reasons why money IS flowing to you, which may look something like this: “WHY is money flowing to me? Well, I’ll tell you why! I have been doing a great job at work, and even though I haven’t had a recent raise at work recently, something better is in the works.  A promotion, a new job – there are options! I’m smart,  a great prombelm-solver, and people are seeking out my services. I’ve been working really hard and I deserve all that comes to me. And…”

What do you know? All of the sudden, you tricked yourself into an attitude of gratitude. This is the foundation of bring you all that you want and deserve.

How to do it?

1. Ask yourself what you want.

2.Form a question which assumes what you want is already true.

3.Repeat the question, giving yourself to it. Over and over.

4. Take actions in your life that relate directly to assumptions you made in the question: Taking the example of wanting to make more money, then start networking, ask for a new project at work, etc. Taking supportive measures will help the flow and keep you from putting up blocks.

So turn that “Yeah right! into “Why is this working so well?

Looking for more information?

Try Noah St. John’s books, including The Great Little Book of Afformations.

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